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The Dreaded Task of Garage Organization

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Spring is here and you’re probably looking at the inside of your garage and feeling a tad…overwhelmed.

Organizing can be a struggle, but once you get it done, it feels great! Plus, you can find what you were looking for in the actual place you put it! Interested? Then read on for a few more tips to help with this dreaded chore.

First, consider what the extent of the project will be. Is this just a simple clean up and putting a few things away after the winter, or is your garage used as a storage unit that might take more than a few hours? What is the ultimate goal of cleaning: organization, cleanliness or the thrill of actually being able to fit your vehicle in the garage?

Once you have figured out the purpose of your efforts, determine the length of time it will take. This could be a few hours, one full day, maybe a weekend or even two. Schedule that time on your personal or household calendar to ensure enough time is set aside and no other plans will interrupt you. We all know this kind of project can be the cause of much procrastination, better to get it done in spring so you don’t lose recreation time during the summer months.

Weekend time is usually jealously guarded by those who work during the week, so if you don’t want to spend your time in the garage instead of outdoors, then try rallying the family to commit to one or two hours, three evenings a week. You can still finish your garage project without disrupting your weekend plans.

From the start of your project, some thought should be thrown at the idea of your preferred storage option. Purchasing storage solutions early on in the clean up process will keep you from last minute trips to the store or putting off the project waiting for online delivery.

That in mind, Delden offers hundreds of garage door options, but we also offer an easy to install organizational option called the GarageGrid. More about that in a moment. (Can’t wait? Click here to check out this product on the Delden website.)

As you start the cleaning process, separate your items in three sections: donate/sell, throw away and keep. Make sure you have trash receptacles, bins for smaller items and boxes for donations. When you are sorting out the “keeper” items, separate them into categories such as tools, sports equipment, lawn equipment and so on. This will make it easier when you’re putting stuff away in the proper bins.

If you think you will have a lot of throwaway items or garbage, you can use something like Bagster, Dumpster in a Bag. These heavy-duty bags can be purchased online or at some local big box hardware stores. If you want to stay strictly with a local removal company, do a quick Internet search for “garbage removal services.” The search should yield local businesses that offer large debris pick up or dumpsters for rent.

When you are in the midst of cleaning, remember, items such as chemicals, batteries and most electronics should not be thrown in the household trash. Extreme temperatures can ruin paint, so find room in a different location with a more consistent temperature, such as the basement. If the paint is old or has gone bad please make sure to find your local community hazardous waste center or community recycling program.

Almost all areas have a place where paint and other hazardous chemicals can be taken for proper disposal. Many communities even offer several days a year where the homeowner can set out hazardous items to be picked up. The same goes for batteries and a majority of electronics. Because of the chemicals used in constructing those items, proper disposal should be a priority instead of throwing in the household garbage.  Check with your local municipality for more information.

Now comes the fun part–finding or installing your preferred storage for the garage. This can be anything from clear or colored bins to basic shelving. One thing is for sure, in any garage it takes more than one solution to get organized and stay organized.

As we mentioned previously, Delden offers a perfect solution for organizing your garage, the GarageGrids. Each kit includes two grid panels, wall mounts, heavy duty hooks, three wire baskets, four brackets and six universal hooks. Once installed, no tools are needed for quick and efficient changes on the grid. You can hang your bike or place other bins in the basket, eliminating floor clutter. The Grids are made of heavy duty gauge steel, scratch and weather resistant white epoxy. You may purchase additional grid organizers depending upon your organizational needs.

Spring is the best time to get and stay organized! We hope these tips will help you and your family enjoy the summer months ahead with less garage stress. Remember, when thinking about garage storage options or about getting a new garage door, ask for the best from your local dealer! Ask for Delden.

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