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Selecting the Right Material for Your Garage Door

Garage doors are important for the protection of vehicles. It also adds aesthetic appeal to your house and increases its value. There is a wide range of materials available for residential garage doors, each of them having their own merits and demerits. The Midwest’s top 5 of those are given here,


A steel garage door is the most popular choice because of its durability, low maintenance and low cost. They offer good resistance to weather, have many design options and come with various levels of insulation.

Steel Overlay

A steel garage door with applied design trim allows you to customize your garage door with low maintenance materials. Usually, many designs are already laid out, allowing you to choose or modify from a specification that appeals to you.


This is the most natural material for a garage door. Traditionally garage doors were made of wood. Wood garage doors have high visual appeal and can be custom designed to suit your requirement. They are available in a variety of prices as the cost of wood ranges from mid price to expensive. Also, they are less prone to denting like a steel or aluminum door. On the negative side, they aren’t water resistant and can have high maintenance costs.

Aluminum Full-View

Aluminum full-view garage doors are most commonly used on contemporary houses with lots of windows. Countless color and glass options are available with these high-priced doors but the sleek appearance is definitely worth it for many homeowners. These will cover your low maintenance preferences but also typically carry a lower warranty than steel doors.


It is very hard to dent or break a vinyl garage door. They last long and are easy to maintain. Many design options are often available, even custom, but they are only available in a few colors typically. This is another high-priced item but it also comes with a high warranty.

Compare all the available materials and select the right one which suits your taste. Making an investment with your time in choosing your perfect garage doors is worth the effort.


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