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Popular Choices for Commercial Garage Doors

With an array of choices available for buying a commercial garage door, selection of the best one can prove to be a rather challenging task. This selection usually depends on the conditions and the type of work that is performed in a commercial set up. Let’s have a look at some of the popular choices when it comes to commercial garage doors:

Steel Sectional Garage Doors

Steel sectional garage doors are popular because of their sturdiness. They are perfect for commercial establishments that need to withstand numerous exterior elements and heavy traffic. Furthermore, steel doors are aesthetically pleasing; they can enhance the decor of your commercial set up and give it a rather distinct look. Steel doors also offer high security because of their durability and resiliency. They require minimal maintenance; thus, saving money on routine maintenance costs. Another added benefit of opting for steel garage doors for commercial establishments is that they can offer a variety of insulation options. Due to the inherent operation of a sectional garage door, there is always a risk of damage to the lower door section, especially if you have a warehouse. Various vehicles enter your premises throughout the day; thus, the garage door gets damaged. It can be a costly affair to get those doors repaired. Therefore, many Delden commercial doors offer Amarr SuperFlex impact sections. These impact sections enhance the resistance of doors to damages and help to reduce maintenance costs.

Rolling Steel and Rolling Sheet Garage Doors

The market for these doors is applicable for many applications from light duty storage units to heavy duty and fire rated doors. Additionally, the operation takes place on the wall it is attached to without the need for overhead tracks and openers hanging from the ceiling. Often, these doors can be used with limited back space.

High Performance Garage Doors

High performance doors are built for heavy use and little maintenance, resulting in less down time for a commercial operation that requires the use of the doors to open/close often, keep a room temperature controlled or even sense forklifts and automobiles approaching the door. Some will insist and the cost per cycle of a high performance door is less than a sectional door, it just comes with a much higher initial investment.

Aluminum Full View Garage Doors

Another common choice for garage doors is aluminum full view doors. Their prominent feature is most often open viewing and aesthetic appeal. This makes them a viable option for the garage doors in contemporary settings, restaurants, resorts and showrooms displaying large, attractive items such as various automobiles and boats.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the different types of garage doors for commercial purposes. I like how you said that there are many different possible applications for rolling steel doors. I’d imagine that no matter the application, it’d be crucial to get the door from a reputable and high-quality provider.

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