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Farewell to an Industry Elder, Dave Morino


Delden Garage Doors said good bye to long-time employee Dave Morino, simultaneously marking the end of an era in the garage door industry.
Like any business that values their employees, losing one of your own is similar to losing a family member. We at Delden Manufacturing are dealing with just that, losing one of our own.

Morino has worked with Delden for decades and has become one of our treasured family members. Having any longtime member leave can be heartbreaking, not just for the company and fellow employees but also for a myriad of companies that rely on his expertise. We spoke with Morino before he retired.

“I’ve been here since June 1972,” Morino said. “There have been a lot of changes in the electro mechanical field. Things get smaller and smaller and my eyesight gets worse and worse.”

Morino was the go-to-guy in the Midwest when it came to fixing and repairing electronic boards for garage door lift systems. He was well known and respected within the garage door industry.

“We offered his service to customers as a courtesy. Having someone with Dave’s knowledge provided virtually exclusive value to our company,” Denise Dahms, President of Delden Manufacturing Co., said, “He was an important component of our service. The state of electronics today makes repair less of an issue.”

Morino’s skill set is unique and specific, yet because of how society has strayed away from fixing and repair of things, taking a drastic turn to a disposable mind set, Delden will not be replacing Morino’s niche position. Naturally many of his colleagues are a bit put out by the prospect of losing such a valued individual.

David Oberhoffer, District Sales Manager for LiftMaster spoke highly of Morino.
“I have been working with Dave for over 10 years,” said Oberhoffer. “He has been a great friend to me.”

Oberhoffer shared these words, directed at Morino, “your work truly made a lasting impact and one that has changed our industry for the better in so many ways. I always appreciated how you were readily available to lend an ear and help solve any problem. I will miss you very much. For many of us, your career has been a model to follow. I can’t count the times I have come to you to ask for advice. You truly have made your customers successful, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am sad to see you leave. May you retire knowing that you have made a remarkable contribution and have touched many lives. I wish you the best in retirement!”

Morino’s decision to retire came a year ago when he suffered congestive heart failure. He was kind enough to stay another full year. How is that for a final notice? In retirement he plans on fishing and bird hunting, which his busy career has not afforded him time to do. He is also an avid gardener and looks forward to spending many days growing seedlings, spending time in his winter green house and in his full garden when spring and summer hit.

Unfortunately, our world will not be the same with lost arts such as Morino’s. Morino’s skill, laugh and overall presence will be missed by many. The Delden Manufacturing family wishes Dave Morino all the best in his endeavors.

One thought on “Farewell to an Industry Elder, Dave Morino

  1. Dave,
    Had to say thanks for your special service & friendship. We both started with Delden, you as an employee & I as a customer. I am simi-retired in Florida, but still ocassilly work on garage doors & openers. Hope you are doing well.
    Rick Ezell

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