LiftMaster Model WLED

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DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener



  • Corner to Corner Lighting - With long-lasting LEDS delivers 3,100 lumens of daylight-like lighting to the entire garage space.
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock Capable - Deadbolt locks the garage door, making it virtually impenetrable (2 max, sold separately).
  • Timer-to-close - Can be programmed to close the door after a set amount of time.
  • Security+ 2.0® - Safeguards garage access by sending a new code with every click.
  • Posilock® - Electronically protects against forced openings.
  • Motion Detector - Lights the way automatically.
  • The Protector System® - Invisible light beam auto-reverses the door if there is an obstruction.


Quiet and Reliable

  • Belt Drive System and Quiet DC Motor - Provide smooth operation and long-lasting service.
  • Soft Start/Stop - For smooth operation.
  • Battery Backup - Ensures garage access even when the power goes out.
  • Warranty - Lifetime motor, five (5) years parts, one (1) year battery and accessories.



  • Built-in Wi-Fi for the easiest way to connect the garage.
  • myQ Mobile App - Lets users receive alerts and control the opener from anywhere.

Included Accessories

Optional Accessories