Select what type of insulation best fits your needs. 

If you have a detached garage for storage, insulation may not be needed on your garage door.  But if your detached garage is a workshop, a finished office or you want to keep your car cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, insulation will help maintain the temperature in your garage, as well as provide increased energy efficiency. 

For a home with an attached garage and rooms next to or above the garage, choosing insulation as a garage door option will keep the cold or hot temperatures outside the garage and home.  Construction choices available are:
(1) Single-Layer:  Steel (no insulation)
(2) Double-Layer:  Steel + Insulation,
(2) Triple-Layer:  Steel + Insulation + Steel. 

The Double- and Triple-Layer construction options provide a home with increased energy efficiency and quieter operation.