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Tips to Help Make your Garage Childproof

Kids are always attracted to garages. The presence of shelves, containers, and tools makes them the perfect place to explore.  Experts’ advise that no matter what is kept inside the garage, it is not safe to allow kids inside the garage without proper supervision. Some tips to help childproof your garage are given here:

  • Residential garage doors can be a hazard to kids and pets. Therefore, it is required to install electric openers with an automatic reverse mechanism which reverses the direction of the door if an object is detected in the photo electric line of the system.
  • Secure locks of vehicle doors and trunks before leaving it in the garage. This makes it harder for kids to accidentally start a car within the garage or get their little hands caught in the car doors.
  • Drive a vehicle that includes a rear view video camera displaying the driveway while moving out of the garage.
  • Long handed tools should not be left randomly in the garage as they could fall on children. Also, electronic equipment or sharp edged tools should be locked in cabinets.
  • Chemicals, cleaners, and paints should always be kept in their original containers, away from the reach of kids.
  • Anything that is large enough for the child to crawl into should be locked.
  • The controls of the garage door should be kept outside the reach of small hands.
  • Avoid any drowning hazard by flipping buckets or containers so that liquids are not accumulated in them.
  • Mothballs are usually placed in the garage to get rid of pests. However, it could be poisonous to kids and pets.
  • It is important to have a childproof barrier around a water heater or furnace in the garage.

Childproofing the garage is just as important as childproofing any other places in your house. So pay attention to all the details.

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