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The Truth About R-Values

  When you hear the term R-Value does it make your head hurt? If you take-on any form of DIY home improvement you have probably run across this term on more than one occasion. We at Delden believe an informed customer is the best customer. In this blog we will break down what R-Values are and how they pertain to the largest door in your […]

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Farewell to an Industry Elder, Dave Morino

Delden Garage Doors said good bye to long-time employee Dave Morino, simultaneously marking the end of an era in the garage door industry. Like any business that values their employees, losing one of your own is similar to losing a family member. We at Delden Manufacturing are dealing with just that, losing one of our own. Morino has worked with Delden for decades and has […]

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Guess What We Have Up Our Sleeve This Holiday Season?

  The World’s First Ever Ugliest Sweater Garage Door Contest! The Holidays: a time of beauty, sharing good cheer with family and friends, parties…ugly sweater parties. At Delden Garage Doors, we have something a little more interesting up our sleeve. The first EVER Ugliest Sweater Garage Door Contest! We know, we know, the whole “ugly sweater party” thing is clichéd and that’s why we don’t […]

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