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June is Garage Door Safety Month: 7 Safety Tips for Your Garage Door

Do you know about garage door safety? If no, you need to pay attention to it due to several reasons. Although garage doors are commonly used for storage or home projects, they also pose several safety and security issues. Doors can be extremely dangerous in some cases and to save your family and yourself, you should consider following some guidelines that are provided by the […]

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Tips to Help Make your Garage Childproof

Kids are always attracted to garages. The presence of shelves, containers, and tools makes them the perfect place to explore.  Experts’ advise that no matter what is kept inside the garage, it is not safe to allow kids inside the garage without proper supervision. Some tips to help childproof your garage are given here: Residential garage doors can be a hazard to kids and pets. […]

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The Truth About R-Values

  When you hear the term R-Value does it make your head hurt? If you take-on any form of DIY home improvement you have probably run across this term on more than one occasion. We at Delden believe an informed customer is the best customer. In this blog we will break down what R-Values are and how they pertain to the largest door in your […]

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